Discover Matcha tea like fresh from the field

With us you will only find exquisite, excellent Japanese organic matcha tea.

To guarantee this, we have tasted countless types of matcha and imported the best organic qualities directly. This means that we not only know exactly where the fine powder comes from, we also bypass the wholesale trade and can offer you the best organic qualities at an unbeatable price. Teishu is a matcha line from the traditional London Tea Company, which has stood for the best quality tea for over 125 years.


    Thanks to the direct relationships with the Japanese Matcha producers, Teishu offers you fresh Matcha of the best quality at a fair price directly from the heart of Japan.


    Our Matcha varieties are all Bio-Inspecta Suisse certified.
    CH-BIO 006


    Free for orders over CHF 40 within Switzerland. Usually delivered within 2-3 working days.

One set. Everything included.

The Matcha Box

In this box you will find all the utensils you need for ceremonial matcha preparation.

The set includes:

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Imperial Organic Matcha

Super Premium Tenno

Super Premium Tenno is our emperor among matchas, with a rich umami taste that tantalizes the palate and impresses with its complexity. Organically grown in Kakegawa, Shizuoka Prefecture, it offers an authentic taste experience that reflects the tradition and quality of Japanese tea production.

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Probably the most exclusive Matcha in Europe

Handmade Koyama

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of matcha with our limited edition Matcha Koyama. With an impressive history that began over 300 years ago in Ogura, Uji, this matcha is the result of a continuous commitment to quality and tradition by eight consecutive generations of the Koyama family.

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