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Teishu Handmade Matcha Koyama 20g

Teishu Handmade Matcha Koyama 20g

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Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of matcha with our limited edition Matcha Koyama. With an impressive history that began over 300 years ago in Ogura, Uji, this matcha is the result of a continuous commitment to quality and tradition by eight consecutive generations of the Koyama family.

The Uji region remains the premier growing area for the highest quality tea, and the Marukyu Koyamaen tea garden has earned a nationwide reputation as one of Japan's finest tea and matcha producers. Under the leadership of Marukyu Koyamaen, this tea garden combines traditional know-how with modern technology to produce matcha of the highest standards and quality.

This year's limited production of Matcha Koyama impresses with an exceptionally smooth and creamy umami note. This variety is undoubtedly one of the best matcha qualities in the world and is therefore strictly limited. The efforts and dedication of the tea garden have been rewarded with over 21 prestigious awards.

Experience the pinnacle of matcha art with our limited edition Matcha Koyama. Order today and immerse yourself in a unique taste experience that masterfully combines tradition and innovation.

Packaged in a custom-designed Kinchaku bag from Noriko Handmade, this unique matcha experience becomes a gift for the senses.

Each Kinchaku bag features a different pattern that reflects the diversity of Japanese craftsmanship. From subtle floral ornaments to vibrant traditional motifs, your Handmade Matcha Koyama will be presented in style while also receiving a personal touch.

The combination of the delicious taste of Matcha Koyama and the artistic packaging makes this duo an unforgettable gift for tea lovers and connoisseurs.

Please note that each bag has a different pattern!

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