Perfect Matcha Tea Preparation

How to get the most out of your Matcha

Making a delicious matcha tea requires a certain amount of skill and an understanding of the correct steps, but if you follow these simple but important steps, you will be able to enjoy the full aroma and exquisite taste of this traditional Japanese tea.

Boil fresh, soft water


The key to a great matcha tea is choosing the right water. Use fresh, high quality water at 80°C. Ideally, you should use soft water, as hard tap water can affect the taste of the tea.

Add 1 g of matcha tea to a matcha bowl


Take a traditional matcha bowl, also called a chawan, and put 1 gram of matcha tea in it. You can use a special bamboo spoon called a "chashaku" where you can use 2 heaped spoons. Alternatively, you can also use half a teaspoon of matcha tea. The right measure is important to ensure a balanced ratio of tea and water.

Tip: Strain the matcha through a sieve so that it has an even finer taste and there are no lumps in the water.

Pour in approx. 80 ml water (80°C)


Take the cooled water and pour about 80 ml of it over the matcha tea in the bowl. Pour the water slowly to evenly coat the tea and avoid clumps. The right amount of water is crucial to achieve a harmonious blend of tea and water.

Whisk the tea with a bamboo whisk until frothy

Crack open

Now it gets exciting - frothing the matcha tea. Take a bamboo whisk, also called a chasen, and stir the tea vigorously in quick, z-shaped movements for about 20-30 seconds until a fine foam forms. The bamboo whisk ensures that the matcha is whipped evenly and has a creamy consistency.

Our tip

It is best to store your matcha in the refrigerator. This preserves its aroma and exquisite taste and keeps it fresh for a particularly long time!

Matcha preparation in video