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Teishu Ceremonial Suiko Matcha Organic 30g

Teishu Ceremonial Suiko Matcha Organic 30g

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The Ceremonial Matcha Suiko is the perfect introduction to the world of the Japanese Matcha ceremony. Traditionally prepared with water, this Matcha offers a particularly delicious Matcha experience. It is fresh and sweet in taste.

Organic certifications:
Bio Inspecta Suisse Certified and JP-BIO-005 Japanese Agriculture

Kagoshima Prefecture

Our Ceremonial Suiko comes from the Kagoshima prefecture and is the pride of our local tea farmers. Kagoshima is located on the southern island of Kyûshû, which is known for its lush vegetation and untouched nature. The warm and humid climate ensures the best conditions for the tea's growth phase, which is reflected in the taste. The volcanic island produced nutrient-rich soil. No fewer than eleven active volcanoes still provide valuable minerals and growth for the valued plants with their ash. These optimal conditions have meant that tea has been successfully grown in Kagoshima for around 700 years. The long history and constant optimization processes have made Kagoshima the second largest tea prefecture in Japan, offering optimal conditions for organic cultivation.

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Teishu is the matcha line of London Tea.

By purchasing directly from Japanese tea farmers, we can offer you the best quality at the best price.

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