Matcha, Matcha! Fancy a delicious, frothy and delicious latte? Let yourself be delighted by its bright green color and enjoy sip after sip.

How to prepare your Matcha Latte correctly to:

  • Put a heaped bamboo spoon of Matcha into a bowl, pour the powder over 30 - 50ml water and mix it into a thick paste.
  • Add 100ml of 80°C warm water to the paste and stir it with a bamboo whisk to make a frothy tea.
  • In another container, froth 50 - 100ml of milk (alternatively oat or almond milk) and pour it into a sufficiently large glass.
  • Pour the creamy matcha tea over the foamed milk.
  • Depending on your preference, you can now sweeten it with honey or agave syrup.

The Matcha Latte is ready.

Our tip: Prepare the tea in the same way as described above, but use only one or two tablespoons of milk foam and put a fine crown on the matcha. This way, the taste of the fine tea is not distorted too much. The milk makes the consistency even creamier and the fat in the milk even accentuates subtle flavor nuances.

Simply heavenly!


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