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Teishu Starter Mekiki Matcha Organic 30g

Teishu Starter Mekiki Matcha Organic 30g

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The Matcha Mekiki starter is ideal for anyone who wants to try Matcha for the first time. The Mekiki has an intense and slightly bitter taste.

Organic certifications:
Bio Inspecta Suisse Certified and JP-BIO-005 Japanese Agriculture

Shizuoka Prefecture, Tenryu Town & Miyazaki, Koyu

Our starter Mekiki BIO comes from the Shizuoka prefecture, more precisely in the Miyazaki region. Miyazaki is very famous for its Sencha tea (green tea). Shaped by the region's volcanic history, Miyazaki has very fertile, volcanic, mineral soils. About 43% of the country is therefore covered with Andosol soils ("black soil"), which are very suitable for agriculture, and 17% with Humid Andosol soils (mainly in the lowlands). About 28% of the country has Gray Lowland Soil.

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Teishu is the matcha line of London Tea.

By purchasing directly from Japanese tea farmers, we can offer you the best quality at the best price.

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