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The Matcha Set

The Matcha Set

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Discover our Matcha Box – your first choice for an authentic Matcha ceremony, together with the most health-effective drink in the world.

With our Matcha Box, you will not only experience the unique taste of high-quality Matcha, but also the tradition that makes this drink so special. Immerse yourself in the world of the Matcha ceremony and let yourself be enchanted by the power and beauty of this healthy drink.

- Teishu Ceremonial Suiko Matcha ORGANIC 30g

- Matcha bowl in creamy white

- Matcha whisk “Chasen”

- Matcha bamboo spoon “Chashaku”

- Matcha preparation sheet

The Ceremonial Matcha Suiko is the perfect introduction to the world of the Japanese Matcha ceremony. Traditionally prepared with water, this Matcha offers a particularly delicious Matcha experience. It is fresh and sweet in taste.

Matcha tea has been whipped with the bamboo whisk (Chasen) for centuries, as this is the only way to achieve its creamy, foamy texture. The bamboo whisk is an essential part of the Matcha ceremony. The Chasen is made by hand, the bristles are carefully cut from a piece of bamboo and then shaped. Only specially trained craftsmen have mastered this art. The knowledge is passed down through generations. It is not possible to produce the bamboo whisk for Matcha by machine, which makes each one very special.   

The bamboo spoon , also called Chashaku, is traditionally used to correctly measure high-quality Matcha. The Chashaku is carved from bamboo and bent into its spoon shape by hand over hot steam with a lot of patience. The bamboo spoon has been the perfect Matcha measure for centuries.

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