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Bamboo spoon for Matcha "Chashaku"

Bamboo spoon for Matcha "Chashaku"

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Welcome to the world of exquisite matcha enjoyment with our handmade bamboo spoon, also known as Chashaku! This traditional utensil plays a crucial role in the preparation of high-quality matcha and enables precise dosing for an incomparable taste experience.

Made from carefully selected bamboo, each Chashaku is crafted with masterful craftsmanship. Carving and shaping the bamboo over hot steam creates the characteristic spoon shape, which is perfectly suited to the dosing of matcha.

To keep your Chashaku in top shape, it is important to keep it from getting wet. After use, we recommend cleaning the Chashaku with a dry cloth to preserve its longevity and beauty.

Experience the true art of matcha preparation with our bamboo spoon - an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to celebrate matcha, rather than just drink it. Order now and immerse yourself in the world of exquisite matcha enjoyment!

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